Rother Valley Labour Party CLP – Twitter & Facebook

Rother Valley Labour Party CLP is now on Facebook

Welcome to the official Twitter Page for The Rother Valley Labour Party (CLP) in Rotherham. Here you can keep up to date with our activities and campaigning. The Rother Valley Constituency is made up of the following wards:

1) Anston & Woodsetts
2) Dinnington
3) hellaby
4) Holderness
5) Maltby
6) Rother Vale
7) Sitwell
8) Wales

To find which ward you are in put your postcode into the following:

For further information and how to join your local Labour party and get involved please email us at:

and on Twitter  @RotherValleyCLP

The line up on the photograph is as follows  Left to right :

Cllr Christine Beaumont  (Maltby) Cllr Shabana Ahmed (Brinsworth /Catcliffe)  Our Kevin (Rother Valley MP) Cllr Jo Burton (Anston /Woodsetts ) Unknown male, Cllr Kath Simms (Rotherham West) ex Dep Leader /Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, Cllr Amy Rushforth (Maltby) Unknown female

Grateful if anyone can put names to the 2 supporters mb doesn’t recognise.

Maltbyblogger is currently blocked from following these accounts at the request of the users :  @RushforthA    @Emma _Hoddinott   (Wickersley) @JahangirAkhtar   @ Richardp1490 (MTC Cllr)   No doubt there are many more.

Many more councillors yet to get into the technology of Twitter and even email … or maybe it’s just another way of informing the public on only things they want us to know.

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9 Responses to Rother Valley Labour Party CLP – Twitter & Facebook

  1. Brooks says:

    Jesus wept the labour hermits are now in the digital age.

  2. If Christine Beaumont is for Labour then I'm voting UKIP says:

    Where was the picture taken do you know? Because I have not seen Christine Beaumont or kevin Barron or any of the other Labour members in that picture campaign around Maltby.

  3. Looks like it’s outside the Cutlers – thats North Anston. Maybe they are doi ng another one next year outside the Queens 😉

  4. If Christine Beaumont is for Labour then I'm voting UKIP says:

    God ain’t it funny how Christine, Barron and co can show their faces in North Anston but not here in Maltby. Roll on 2015.

  5. Yeah… very funny ! Another issue to ask Kev about 🙂

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