Letter from House of Commons – short-lived excitement

Along with a Domino’s pizza leaflet and an advert for over 50’s insurance, there was a letter from the House of Commons in my letterbox today.

An actual letter, addressed to me, from my very own MP ?  How exciting !

What could our Kevin be writing to me about ? Has he, after all these years, decided he will talk politics with me ? Is he resigning/retiring and letting all his constituents know personally ? Could it be that he has at last realised that the majority of his constituents are fed up to the back teeth of the Labour Party in Rotherham, and he is going to talk to them about what they really want ?  


But no. I was getting carried away with the thought that our MP has had a reality revelation. The letter is a response to a petition that I signed on http://www.Change.org regarding concerns about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic, enclosing a copy of the letter that Kevin Barron has sent to the Foreign Secretary.


I am of course, thankful  that the concerns are being taken seriously and hope that the Foreign Secretary will appoint a Special Envoy to CAR, at the forthcoming Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, as requested. Any support that can be given on this appalling issue will be of great benefit to the victims of these crimes and surely prevent further distress. I also look forward to learning of  William Hagues ‘observations on these issues’.

I just wish that along with this letter there had been some notification from Kevin Barron that he is the slightest bit concerned about the Child Sex Exploitation crimes that have been committed and seemingly whitewashed over in Rotherham. Has he spoken at all about this and the members – and ex members – of RMBC who are culpable ?

If he has done, then I have missed it and would be even more thankful to receive his response.

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