Maltby Debating Group Gets Heated

Fancy tuning in to a good old slanging match with members of the public from Maltby and further afield ?

Want to see our MTC councillors, ex-councillors and would-be councillors having a rant at each other on issues political, social and racial ? 

There is still no Maltby Town Council website so pop over to Maltby Debating Group on Facebook.

You can be sure of a warm reception … if you have the “right” opinions. 




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5 Responses to Maltby Debating Group Gets Heated

  1. joesnemesis says:

    Councillor loses it big time, resorting to personal insults. Is this acceptable behaviour from an elected representative?

  2. R. Wilde says:

    A wise man once said “Opinions are like arse holes – everyone’s got one” 🙂

  3. Reeta Judah says:

    Current Councillor Joe Robinson should be watched, he seems to have major anger management problems. The way he lost it in the MDG makes one wonder if he is the kind of elected representative you want to represent Maltby.

  4. Brooks says:

    What is the MDG Reeta? Please.

  5. Brooks says:

    Apologies. The penny has just dropped regarding the MDG.

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