Last refuge – totalitarianism!

Oh my goodness.
Dinnington Council use the same tactics as Maltby Town Council and RMBC, as Dave Smith says. Totalitarianism indeed.

Rotherham Politics

It would seem that totalitarianism has now become the order of the day for the Labour Party, and chairmen lying to the public; even at the Bland Comedy Club that is Dinnington Town Council.

At the June meeting of the Dinnington Town council, before he opened the meeting the chairman, McIver the engine, read out a statement to the public. It was obviously in response to a question I had asked at the previous meeting, about J.A.D.E being assisted by two Dinnington Town/borough councillors to obtain the council offices in Dinnington. I am entering all the statement because it has clear relevancies to what is happening at RMBC.

“The public session of the meeting is only for questions for the town council as a whole, i.e. policies, projects or administrative duties. It must not be used to question individuals in any way, there are procedures for this. (we were not…

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