Maltby Councillors on Rotherham’s Child Sex Exploitation

It is difficult to come to terms with the extent of the appalling abuse of children in Rotherham which has been exposed and reported on the past couple of days. Almost as shocking and certainly as despicable is the extent of the cover up of those in authority who were supposed to be protecting those children and families. Much is being said locally, nationally and internationally and it is not necessary, I feel, for further comment from me on this blog at the moment. Maltby blogger of course welcomes discussion and debate on all issues and there are numerous viewings currently on the CSE posts. Please feel free to look back at what has been known for a very long time, and perhaps take note of the names of those who must surely, in the name of decency and humanity,be removed from their positions and be accountable for their actions/inactions


Readers may wish to refresh their memory on the responses from Maltby’s own Councillors, when asked for their views on Child Sex Exploitation in Rotherham and any training that they had attended or planned to attend.

 Cllr Amy Rushforth

Cllr Maggie Godfrey

 Cllr Christine Beaumont

 Cllr Jenny Andrews

As it is some months since these posts and so much has happened on this issue since, I am sure that all these councillors will be able to supply us with much more information regarding their roles.

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