Rotherham CSE Team Under the “Leadership” of Roger Stone – God help us

John Furniss – since your comment here on 5th September, it seems there are a number of people who are reblogging this post and looking for further information on those you have named. Link here in case you have not already seen it


The CSE Team will move out of  Maltby police station to Riverside, Rotherham by September.

Safeguarding Children’s Board chairman Steve Ashley has been among those appealing for a more central location. Rotherham Council’s Children’s Services Director, Joyce Thacker said, “We will have a safeguarding hub that will bring together all activities in CSE, public protection and domestic abuse. “We’re hoping to launch that in September.

Mr Ashley has also urged that the team have one designated “leader” rather than the current split in responsibilities between the council and South Yorkshire Police. “If we had that the team would feel that they had one person  fighting their battles. It doesn’t have to be a police or social services expert, just someone who has the right leadership qualities.”

Ha ! So who might that be then ? Well it could be our “Leader” of Rotherham Borough Council, Roger Stone, himself of course…

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