Just Go!

Have we yet had any statement/comment from Amy Rushforth, Christine Beaumont or any of the other inadequate “representatives” about the whole situation in the Jay Report ? Before we know it, the same old cronies will be back on the “new” cabinet and carrying on in the same way. Some may have changed party, but that just shows utter contempt of the public. Hope they can somehow realise that the public in general holds them in even more contempt. #DISGRACE #RMBC #SHAMEONTHEM

Rotherham Politics

During the last few days Rotherham citizens and voters have seen two sessions of questioning of Joyce Thacker and Martin Kimber by Parliamentary Committees. Shaun Wrights questioning by the HASC, yesterdays Council Meeting and today’s Police and Crime panel, that ended with the passing of a no confidence motion in Shaun Wright.

I have listened to it all very carefully and have given this matter some intense analysis.

My conclusions are these:

No one comes out of this with any credit, those who have been involved since the 2005 seminar in particular, have much to answer for.

Their total lack of even curiosity, not one made any inquiries as to progress. They share the blame, for what has happened since, their silence continued the cover-up!

Labour are still not paying sufficient attention to Rotherham and it’s own role in this awful saga, that resulted in the most horrendous abuse and…

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  1. Yffar says:

    All who are implicated should resign

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