Tonight’s Council Meeting – 2nd October 2014

Have just had word that 12 apologies  have already been put in for tonight’s Maltby Town Council Meeting, scheduled for 6.30 pm

Can it be that 12 councillors have more pressing business to attend to than the council to which they have been elected ? Could it be that 12 councillors are – heaven forbid – too sick to attend ?

There’s a lot of council business that needs attending to and possibly voting on. Could it perhaps be something to do with agenda item 14.2    – discussion on sending a vote of no confidence in the Chief Constable, PCC and Head of Children’s Services ?

As we know, our very own Councillor Amy Rushforth was a member of RMBC cabinet during Rotherham’s CSE scandal. Has she received a letter from the Labour Party regarding this as some of her colleagues have ?   (If not, why not ?)

Is this  (one of ) the reasons why our Chairman has jumped ship to UKIP ?

So many questions. Hope to have some answers later tonight.

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3 Responses to Tonight’s Council Meeting – 2nd October 2014

  1. Yaffr says:

    Not really a surprise, been like it for last few meetings

    • Nothing surprises me regarding MTC ! Would be nice to have some open, honest and community minded decisions made for a change though. The self promotion by councillors has gone on much too long.

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