Concerns ignored by Home Office

It just gets worse. Is our Kev MP EVER going to make a statement on this ? Or our Cllr Amy Rushforth – The Former Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel (June 2005 – April 2011) Or our Cllr Christine Beaumont – Cabinet Member for Children and Education Services, Children, Young People and Families Partnership (Chair) plus more. Or our Cllr Margaret Godfrey – Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods (Chairman). The list goes on of responsibilities that this crew have failed in. For full details of councillors responsibilities, past and present and Make your own mind up.

Rotherham Politics

ROTHERHAM’s horrific abuse concerns were raised with the Home Office and the town’s MP but never acted on, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

…in 2009 they wrote to Denis MacShane with a five page letter detailing abuse concerns made by a Rotherham family but received no response.

Here’s the letter:

MacShame or MacNoShame?


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2 Responses to Concerns ignored by Home Office

  1. R. Wilde says:

    Is our Kev MP EVER going to make a statement on this ?

    Apparently. If you can call it a response:

    • Well it’s a response, but not a statement as asked for. Lots of back covering going on here, as usual.

      “For the truth to come out? Sir Nutkin couldn’t lay straight in bed. What the hell has the chamber of commerce got to do with it? They are losing business in Rotherham because of the scandal so they are worried and any sacrifice will be made to save profits, except of course Nutkin. I suppose shouter Beck would have been there so top brains studying the problem. Which means they have come up with the earth shattering answer TELL THE TRUTH. As the saying goes “no shit Sherlock” ”
      Dave Smith

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