Harvest in Maltby schools … and Maltby Food Bank

This month schools in Maltby and elsewhere have been “celebrating” Harvest time and children have taken produce from home into school and donated it to those less fortunate than themselves as has been a tradition for many years. Churches, schools and community groups have over recent years struggled with various rules and regulations, as well as social  and ethical issues, as to where  the donations should go, after we have (traditionally) ‘given thanks’ for our harvest.

This week a Maltby Primary School has decided to give the donations of food stuffs that have been brought into school, to Maltby Foodbank. (MB is not naming the school here for the simple reason that family and friends attend and work in Maltby schools.)

On first learning this we might think that this is an admirable idea – what better way to show our gratitude  than to give within our own town. Unfortunately, those who do think this perhaps do not know of the history or of the Addison Road Centre, Maltby. Those of us who do know, are insensed that this initiative still has very many questions unanswered as to the eligibility of recipients and the economics and financial workings which are clearly supported by Rotherham Labour Party and our MP Kevin Barron.

It seems that another form of exploitation – of parents and children – is in action here.

Digest the information, asks some questions and make up your own mind on this latest display of treachery by those elected by us to serve us.

MB recieved this letter on 16th May 2013, from Maltby Town Council.  Other correspondence in links below.

“Anyone can access the HYPER market stall on Wednesdays between 11am and 3pm, which is outside the entrance of Addison Road,  and have access to subsidised fruit and vegetables etc, for £2.50 a bag (price vary dependant on choice of produce).  This is part of the ‘Helping Yorkshire People Eat Responsibly’ project which provides greater access of healthy eating and locally grown or surplus produce to the local community.

Maltby Foodbank is currently providing Eat Well Bags to identified   individuals/families that are suffering food poverty or are in need.

Eligibility is agreed by appropriate agencies based on, eg, low income, benefit sanction, financial/budgeting problems, health related need etc.

Anyone can donate to the Maltby Food Bank tins/packets (either ‘in date’ or past the ‘Best Before’ date) to Maltby Foodbank

(by dropping in at the Addison Road Centre Reception – FAO Dianne Harper).  They particularly need things like tins of beans, tomatoes, spaghetti, soup etc.

The £500 donated by Maltby Town Council is being used to provide 10 food parcels per week for 10 weeks.  Stepping Stones (SSCC), RMBC Children Young People & Families Service Maltby are utilising a referral process in order for people in need to benefit from a food parcel. To receive a free food parcel they need to be referred by one of the above organisations.  Once identified the families/individuals will be given a food parcel by workers from the Stepping Stones Childrens Centre.

The donation from Maltby Town Council is being used as a pilot project and one which we are monitoring to see what is the take up of the parcels and if it is of benefit to Maltby folk. At the end of the 10 weeks, the project will be reviewed.  Regards,   Town Clerk and RFO ”

Read more at these links :





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