South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Election today

We’ve now had the information about the candidates for this farce of a post that many have not wanted or believe is needed since it came into being 2 years ago.They have “debated” with the public and reporters on the news and in a public forum. Already today I have discussed my views with some who are urging us to vote, so that at least it shows we care about the result.

I have made my views clear on here and in various other media and shall be “spoiling ” my paper by crossing through all 4 of the candidates and stating why on the ballot paper. I know that one of the candidates will be elected regardless of my negative contribution but I am not about to vote for “the best of the bunch” as has been suggested by some.  My ballot paper will (presumably) be counted along with the votes and at least someone somewhere has a record that I bothered. Maybe someone somewhere will also take my view and others who do the same, seriously and even do something about it.

No breath holding here though. mb

South Yorkshire by-election

Today: polling stations now open until 10pm for by-election. Use your vote!

An election for the police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire will take place on the October 30. See which candidates are standing for election


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