Conversation with RMBC Press Team

Thought readers would be interested in this Twitter conversation this morning with Rotherham Borough Council Press @RMBCPress

  1. Who’s role is it to read and respond to Tweets ?

    Hi, the communications team run the main council Twitter feed.

    Who is in the team ? Elected members or RMBC employees ?

    1. RMBC employees.If you send an email to we’d be happy to supply the details

    2. Can you tell me here? Much faster also my MP and others can see.It’s not private information is it ?

    3. 1h1 hour Of course, Tracy Holmes, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing…
    4. Mandy Atkinson, Communications and Media Manager. Ann Todd, Senior Press Officer…

      1. Rachael Ellis, Senior Press Officer. David Barker, Communications and Media Officer…

      2. and Ceri Davis, Internal Communications Officer.

          1. What is classed by the council as “emergencies” in which this would be “manned” outside 9 -5 hours ? @rothpol

          2. Any situation which requires the need for more urgent public messages, such as adverse weather, demonstrations and so on.

          3. I see. Who decides the urgency of matter to be Tweeted publicly?

          4. Happy to discuss if you want to give us a call on 01709 254432.

          5. I’m not good on phone,I get confused. Jus ttell us here thanks

          6. Decisions are made in consultation with relevant officers, depending on the situation, we judge each situation on its merits.

            Who’s in these photos?
          7. Right. Whose merits ? This is what I mean… how do you choose what has merits ?

          8. Well, I am going now as I have a migraine coming on.

          9. I’m posting this info on my blog Just telling you as I heard were telling another blogger to remove posts !

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