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Consultation about a new Community Facility – MTC On now

Report later.

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Letter to Kevin Barron MP re House of Commons

Dear Kevin Barron, The picture below is doing the rounds on Facebook (where you probably haven’t seen it) and Twitter (where you probably have seen it). Would you please tell your constituents what your views are on this picture and … Continue reading

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Pantomime at Unity Centre After Child Abuse Scandal

Watch and listen as Rotherham’s “Leader’s” attempt to squirm and wriggle out of taking any responsibility for the disgrace of the child sexual exploitation situation. Obviously hand picked audience and questions asked at this “show” of concern. The people of … Continue reading

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Inside the Home for Sexually Abused Girls

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:
It is rare to be allowed inside a children’s home to talk to sexual abuse victims. They have been let down by adults they trust, so why should they trust anyone else? Cordelia Lynch reports.…

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FoodAWARE say thanks for Harvest donations

Just came across this “thankyou” on the FoodAWARE website. So, as far as I can work out – and please someone tell me if I am wrong on this – schools, churches and community groups collect donations of food stuffs … Continue reading

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For the benefit of Lord Gibbons and others connected with Foodbanks … …

For the benefit of @LordGibbons, @FoodAware,@ADPRORotherham, RothBorFoodbank @FoodNetwork  and anyone else who is supposedly confused as to what questions I have asked about Maltby Foodbank and why, please type Foodbanks, Maltby Foodbank and Mexborough Foodbank into the Search box on … Continue reading

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Co option to Maltby Town Council, Thursday 6th Nov

Maltby Town Council Meeting, 6.30pm on Thursday 6 November 2014 30 items on the Agenda for this meeting which are all worthy of discussion In particular  Item 10 : To co – opt a councillor to fill the vacancy on … Continue reading

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Maltby Town Council – Can the Chairman please respond ?

Originally posted on maltbyblogger:
Dear Ann Stewart (Clerk), Cllr J Carratt (Chair) and Maltby Town Council,  Thankyou for your reply of 16th May 2013.  Ann, I appreciate that you try to reply to all letters as quickly as possible and…

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How many councillors on Maltby Town Council ?

“Maltby Town Council have 18 Councillors. Town Councillors are elected members voted for by the people of Maltby. Councillors give up their own time to fulfil the responsibilities of the role and to serve the community through the Council. This … Continue reading

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Chair of MTC – has he jumped ship and if so, when’s he going to tell us ?

Dear Clerk, Chair and Maltby Town Councillors, Could you please confirm or refute the rumour that Cllr Jon Carratt has left the Labour Party and is now serving as an Independant ? Whilst political party should play no part in … Continue reading

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