How many councillors on Maltby Town Council ?

“Maltby Town Council have 18 Councillors. Town Councillors are elected members voted for by the people of Maltby. Councillors give up their own time to fulfil the responsibilities of the role and to serve the community through the Council. This is not a paid position; however, there is a limited amount of expenses available if required, but most councillors do not claim this. Councillors are expected to work closely with the community, to offer help and advice and to promote the work of the Council.”

Dear Clerk, Chair and Maltby Town Councillors,

On looking at your website at I find that it is stated that there are 18 elected councillors who serve the people of Maltby on MTC.

I can only find the photographs and details of 16 councillors.

Does this mean that there are 2 councillor vacancies or has there been 2 recently newly elected  councillors ?
In either case could you direct me to the information about these other 2 councillors and may I suggest that you post this information on MTC website for all to see ?
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4 Responses to How many councillors on Maltby Town Council ?

  1. Richard says:

    Dear Maltby blogger

    I was elected councillor for the North ward of maltby, Richard Antony fleming

  2. Thanks for the info Richard, and congratulations on your election. Look forward to your contribution to MTC. Maybe you could ensure that your details are on MTC website so that all of Maltby is aware.
    Good luck !

  3. Richard says:

    I gave my details to the clerk, when I signed the declaration, will chase this up at the MTc meeting on Thursday

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