Maltby Town Council – Can the Chairman please respond ?

Almost a year and a half since this email and STILL no response from Cllr Jon Carratt .


Dear Ann Stewart (Clerk), Cllr J Carratt (Chair) and Maltby Town Council,

 Thankyou for your reply of 16th May 2013.
 Ann, I appreciate that you try to reply to all letters as quickly as possible and that it is sometimes difficult.
I address my mail to you as clerk, to the Chairman Cllr Carratt and to the other councillors, as Maltby Town Council. I have hoped that one day I would receive a reply from the Chairman himself, or the Vice Chair even, but this has never happened. I am sure that your position as clerk does not involve  you personally responding to all mail and questions,especially when the Chairman has been specifically addressed. 
If this is the case however, I apologise for any extra work that my emails put on you and shall continue to try to get a response from Cllr Carratt himself. I have had no success…

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