Co option to Maltby Town Council, Thursday 6th Nov

  • Maltby Town Council Meeting, 6.30pm on Thursday 6 November 2014

30 items on the Agenda for this meeting which are all worthy of discussion

In particular  Item 10 : To co – opt a councillor to fill the vacancy on the Town Council, a (sic) short presentation by each of the five candidates (voting procedure attached)

  • Mr David Fleming
  • Mrs Pauline Heaps
  • Mr William Spilsbury
  • Mr Simon Ball
  • Mr Alan Firth

David Fleming –  a retired Maltby miner and lives in Maltby with his family. Richard Fleming has recently been elected to the Maltby Town Council. Involved in community events in Maltby.

Pauline Heap – suffice to say that she and her fickle friends and colleagues are the main reason that I will never attend a Maltby Town Council Meeting again.

William Spilsbury –

” I was the first one of my family to break away from the mine and joined the Royal Navy instead. All the other men on the memorial committee are ex-miners but for some reason they elected me as chairman.My paternal and maternal great grandfathers, grandfathers and father were all miners at Maltby. Sadly my grand father, John Chandler Spilsbury, is still entombed down there. He was killed in the 1923 explosion which claimed the lives of 27 men, only 2 of which were recovered. I was born in Maltby and went to Crags school them Maltby Grammar School. I still live in Maltby. I am involed in the project to erect a monument in memory of all the peolpe who have worked at Maltby Colliery. I am fairly passionate about Maltby and its’ heritage and keen that the kids don’t forget what Maltby is all about. We are raising money from various sources to pay for the memorial – the first step being the calendar which is proving to be a success. There are other fund raising ideas in the pipeline.”

Simon Ball and Alan Firth I haven’t any information on. Be grateful for any candidate details that anyone can supply and if they are affiliated to any political parties.

The full Agenda can be found here

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2 Responses to Co option to Maltby Town Council, Thursday 6th Nov

  1. Doug says:

    Why did Joe Robinson stand down as a Town Councillor?

    • I don’t know, Doug. There never seems to be an official reason given why anyone steps down – but maybe that’s the perogative of the councillor. I am sure Joe would tell you the real reasons if you asked him.

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