FoodAWARE say thanks for Harvest donations

Just came across this “thankyou” on the FoodAWARE website.

So, as far as I can work out – and please someone tell me if I am wrong on this – schools, churches and community groups collect donations of food stuffs from students/parents. parishioners and community members and give it to FoodAWARE   Many of these donations come from people  who have little to spare themselves as they work and struggle to provide for themselves and their families, but they give it willingly to help those who are even less fortunate.

FoodAWARE then passes on the donations of food in “numerous food parcels to support local vulnerable families.”

Sounds a fine and generous system, on the face of it. But here’s the bit that concerns me  – despite  questions asked of FoodAWARE they have not come up with appropriate answers as to how and who decides upon who is worthy of receiving food parcels free, paid for or at all. I have been told that numerous “partners”  work together to “identify” the recipients, but not who they are or what the criteria is.  Perhaps the biggest question still unanswered is, if food is acquired by FoodAWARE by donations, where does the money go from those who have paid the nominal sum ?

I can already hear the responses to this of  “negativity”  “sour grapes” “jealousy” etc that usually comes from certain folks in Maltby (and some elected Maltby Town  Councillors) when questions such as this are asked. This is  almost inevitable. But answers are needed before the hoodwinking of ordinary people continues to go on. It has been suggested  more than once that I meet with someone from FoodAWARE and when I declined was told that they were sorry to know that I was not interested in supporting the “vulnerable” people. I know from experience that vulnerability is the easiest thing in the world to exploit. When are we going to stop this happening ?

“The Food AWARE team were overwhelmed with the number of Harvest Festival donations of tinned and packets of food from local schools, children centres and churches in South Yorkshire.

Huge thanks to Maltby Manor Primary School, Maltby Crags Community School, Maltby Redwood Academy and Thurcroft Children’s Centre for supporting our Maltby Foodbanks in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Also, huge thanks to Ivanhoe Conisbrough Academy, Morley Place Conisbrough and Castle Academy Conisbrough for supporting our new Mexborough Foodbank (to be launched on 28th Nov 2014).

And a huge thanks to Bradford Foodbank (Trussell Trust) for donating their ‘out of date/past Best Before’ tinned and packets of foods which will be included in our numerous food parcels to support local vulnerable families.

Lots more exciting news of more local support for our Food AWARE projects across South Yorkshire to follow very soon!  Sean ”

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