Letter to Kevin Barron MP re House of Commons

Dear Kevin Barron,

The picture below is doing the rounds on Facebook (where you probably haven’t seen it) and Twitter (where you probably have seen it).


Would you please tell your constituents what your views are on this picture and which of these HoC debates you attended ?

For any that you did not attend, could you tell us what constituency duties you were engaged in at the time of the debate.


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7 Responses to Letter to Kevin Barron MP re House of Commons

    • Thanks for that rr.
      How long did it take you to find that blog post ? You are certainly dedicated to “the cause”.

      • A regular reader says:

        I originally saw a similar set of pics on Jane Collins tweet feed and also came across a link to Isabel Hardman’s piece from a comment there. I did see the anotherangryvoice piece last night.
        I find detecting the nonsense in Jane Collins utterances far more fun than getting at Kevin – though I admire and thank you for your commitment to it.

  1. Have you seen this regular reader ?http://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/trust-social-media-mainstream-press-bbc.html?m=
    No response from our Kev on anything yet but I wait in anticipation đŸ™‚

  2. Not “getting at Kevin” at all rr, just hoping that one day he may respond to his constituents with the honest truth and treat them with a little less contempt.
    Never give up hope eh ? Or we are done for !

    • A regular reader says:

      “Or we are done for”
      As far as Kevin is concerned, I think we are. I gave up on him a long time ago – that first time I saw him being interviewed on TV defending ex-Speaker Michael Martin.

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