Police Watchdog (IPCC) and Police and Crime Commissioners

What a bonny bunch of commissioners we have had … …

The Independant Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says it expects to make an announcement “soon” regarding the  investigation into former South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.

The Commission also says it has carried out 6 investigations into Commissioners since they took up their posts 2 years ago.  The investigations include one into expense claims, and another into an allegation of a commissioner driving without insurance.

Since 2012 the IPCC has had 43 referrals – complaints made to police forces which have been referred to the body – relating to just over half of the 41 police and crime commissioners. The IPCC said 14 of those referrals were about commissioners not being registered as information providers. None of those referrals were investigated.

Of the six investigations, information has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over a complaint regarding expenses claimed before the commissioner in Lancashire took up his role.

The Durham commissioner is being investigated for benefits received while serving with another police force. The IPCC said it was finalising its report and would then decide whether to refer it to the CPS.

Investigations in North Wales and Hampshire into allegations of electoral fraud were complete and no further action would be taken, the IPCC said.

An investigation over an allegation of driving without insurance is continuing in Kent.

An investigation also took place in Bedfordshire, although the IPCC did not disclose the nature of it and said no further action was taken after a file was sent to the CPS.

The IPCC said it was “managing” an investigation by City of London police into travel expenses claimed by the commissioner in Norfolk.


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