Topical Questions in House of Commons – Under heading of Isil

Thought for one moment that our MP might have come up with a potion for the eradication of Ebola, what with his connections in the pharmaceutical world and all.

But never mind, we shall have to make do with his efforts to support global comradeship  and the chance of foreign travel. It’s a long time since the New Zealand visit and the weather in Tanzania is probably rather nicer than Rother Valley at this time of year.

Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, Labour)

Aston academy secondary school in my constituency and Makunduchi school on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania have had a link for more than 20 years, with regular visits of staff and pupils from both schools to one another, lifting the horizons of young people in both countries. How does the Minister’s Department support such twinning arrangements?

 James Duddridge (The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; Rochford and Southend East, Conservative)

I thank the right hon. Gentleman for that question, not least because I remember visiting Aston school in 2001 when I was a parliamentary candidate in Rother Valley. More recently, asMinister for Africa I have visited a number of schools, and twinning arrangements such as that in Zanzibar are a fantastic way to support schools and build understanding of what the British Government are doing by supporting the DFID budget and the foreign affairs team. I recommend that more colleagues encourage such schemes in their constituencies, just like Ian Lucas, who supports an excellent scheme in Lesotho.”

And here’s a reminder of our Kev’s time on Sky News courtesy of Guido Fawkes, just to brighten our day a little

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