The Criminal Element in the Community – what are we doing to stop it ?

“SIX teenage boys have now been arrested in connection with a spate of arsons in Maltby. The boys, who are all aged between 15 and 17-years-old, have been bailed pending further enquiries.”

It’s difficult to understand how and why this can happen in your own home town where you have brought up your children and they now live bringing up theirs. Trying to nurture values and principles and live a peaceful life is becoming harder by the day. Maltby is a place , like many others, that has prided itself on it’s community, it’s spirit, it’s friendliness and inclusiveness of all ages, type and at one time, class.  It is also renowned for it’s “rumours”. Just mention something to a friend on the street or at the corner shop and before you know it the story has escalated into a tale worthy of national headlines, by a process of Chinese Whispers.

But in general, the rumours are nothing more than gossip and though reputations and feelings are often hurt, no physical damage is done to people or property. This though is no longer the case and in these recent incidents, damage has certainly been done. The report states that “no one was injured during the incident”. Perhaps not, but the vehicle destruction and the property devastation will have a lasting effect on these victims. That the “incidents” were perpetrated by youths from Maltby families  is the hardest part for the community to come to terms with.

So where did we go wrong and what are we going to do to put it right ? Facebook now has numerous pages where people with an interest in Maltby can chat, remember and reminisce. There are many continuing discussions on crime and crime awareness and plenty of views aired on who can be blamed and what folk would do with the perpetrators if something happened to them or their family. Many have little faith in the Police and there is even a spreading belief that reporting things  is a waste of time as nothing is effectively done.

Of course Maltby is not so different from hundreds of other towns in Britain and everywhere has a share of overall crime. But this is our town and it’s Maltby that concerns us most.

Wentworth Valley (Maltby) Safer Neighbourhood Team

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