Yorkshire Post – ‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

Rotherham Politics

‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

VICTIMS OF child sexual exploitation are still not getting the help they need to cope with their trauma because of a lack of resources to provide counselling and therapy, according to the former senior social worker whose report exposed the true scale of the Rotherham abuse scandal.

Professor Alexis Jay says many of the children abused as teenagers in the South Yorkshire district between 1997 and 2013 have been known to self-harm or suffer mental health problems after being discarded by their attackers.

But she says therapeutic services needed to help victims with their mental scars are not widely enough available and those that are offered are too difficult to access.


The Independent:

Rotherham abuse scandal victims are still waiting for psychological help

Report author Professor Alexis Jay wants more resources made available to…

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