Jahangir and Marlene – friends to the end

Deepest sympathies and condolences to Marlene’s family, friends and colleagues. I did not agree with many of Marlene’s political views and abhor what the BP stand for but, as others have said, also found her to be down to earth and committed to Rotherham. Her heart was always with Rotherham people and she has supported many who were in need over the years.
The comments from Akhtar and his cronies are the lowest imagineable and I fail to understand why this man continues to be allowed to do and say whatever he chooses. Is he ever going to be brought to justice ? More shame on RMBC, SYP and The Establishment.

Rotherham Politics

It is with sadness we learned of the death of Marlene Guest on the 23rd December, after a long battle with the asbestos cancer, Mesothelioma.

Marlene had been at the forefront of many exposures of Council wrongdoing, from the Anti-Poverty forum to more recently the child sexual exploitation issue.

I didn’t expect Jahangir Akhtar would be a fan of hers, but even I was surprised by his insensitivity, and that of his friends, on social media.

A small selection from Jahangir Akhtar’s twitter feed, for more click on this link, The Ex-Councillor, Ex-Deputy Leader & Ex-Leader Designate – Mr Jahangir Akhtar:



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