Treachery in the Rotherham Labour Party; why ordinary Labour members must Support Sarah

If Sarah Champion is so open, honest and “special”, why have I been blocked from her Twitter ? Even our Kevin hasn’t done that.
I was allowed to follow her a while back and she even responded to a couple of my questions.
How come you’re not blocked, rothpol ? 😉

Rotherham Politics

Somewhere out there I believe that there are thousands of Labour Party supporters who are principled and committed to a left of centre party that works to build a caring and prosperous Rotherham.

It is a democratic calamity that the effective local leadership of the party, the Labour Group, is about to capitulate the central Parliamentary seat to UKIP. That after many years of failing the town, and abusing the members and electorate who have supported them they are now deliberately, treacherously refusing to support the re election campaign of sitting MP, Sarah Champion.

A Council Group that has been a hotbed of corruption for the last 40 years – Layden’s £30k in a Wardrobe, Garvin Reed and others corruption of the Anti Poverty Forum, the routine appliance of nepotism and cronyism to select and promote candidates.

They supported the nomination of a Crime and Police Chief, Shaun Wright, of…

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