Ban the Jobless from Driving & Ease Congestion – Ukip Candidate

“Not so much a party as an out of control stag party ” @jreedmp

Lynton Yates, party hopeful in Charnwood, Leicestershire has urged the jobless to “catch a bus” rather than clog the roads with traffic.  Millions of benefits claimants should be banned from driving to ease congestion on our roads, he says in his campaign leaflet. He also says that all those who claim benefits should automatically have their driving licences suspended and that cyclists should be forced to ride on the pavements and give way to pedestrians.

The leaflet reads: “We could likely remove six million cars from the roads if benefits claimants were not driving. Why do they have the privilege to spend the tax payers’ hard earned money on a car, when those in work are struggling to keep their own car on the road? These people really could catch a bus.”

Now personally, apart from the fact that I currently often ask cyclists to get off the pavement before an unsuspecting pedestrian is knocked over, I don’t think Mr Yates has thought this one through very well. Possibly he did the planning of his idea during his 12 years serving as a Conservative councillor. The real worrying thing though, is that he is a Ukip councillor on Leicester County Council’s Transport Committee.

He is apparently, expected to receive 12% of the vote in Charnwood. Poor Charnwood. They surely do deserve better than this.

The end of the leaflet sums up Mr Yates feelings –  “Yet again we’re proposing common sense policies and common sense solutions.” 

Enough said.

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