The Write-Place or the Wrong Blog

Yesterday I spent some time considering whether to amalgamate this blog, with  and call it The WritePlace Is Maltbyblogger or some such thing but having slept on it I’ve decided that it wouldn’t really work. 

Actually,  I have had it sort of decided for me by a reader, now probably ex-reader, of maltbyblogger who has castigated me for using it for a political agenda. Now, apart from me not having any political “agenda” – I can’t decide whether to sit down or stand up most days, never mind who to vote for  – I felt I had to refer him to the “About” page of the blog. Though I had almost forgotten myself, there it clearly states what my intentions were/are in making posts and the word “political” is mentioned. But so are the words “topical”, “information”, “discuss” and “news”.  I think I am within my “rights” as a blogger to post anything related to any of those words and I think that is what I have done for the past however long I’ve been doing it.  

So, have I laid my soul bare with intentions for Write-Place too ? On checking I find that it says ” A collection and selection of my writing, reading, views and news ” (Yes really – as cheesy as that) which is as broad a scope as needed for my utterances, I reckon.

I do take the point that if what is actually written on a blog is not what the author has said it is, then the reader may well feel peeved, but there’s a simple answer to that – just stop reading it. In case anyone thought otherwise, no one gets any remuneration from a personal blog apart from the satisfaction that someone somewhere might take the time to read it and even comment on it. Plus the pleasure of off loading the contents of one’s mind onto a keyboard.  

In conclusion, despite what I have been thinking, and writing here, the two blogs are remaining separate, for the moment. This is not because I haven’t made a satisfactory argument for joining them, it’s more a case of lack of motivation and  energy to go through the motions of whatever it would entail.

Besides, some reader, some where, some time might have a spare few moments to debate the  merits or lack of, and relevance of the contents of each.  I wouldn’t want to take that opportunity away.

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    As relevant today as 6 years ago.

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