News Monday 26 January 2015

Sent yesterday to
“Could you please inform me when the report by Louise Casey on the independant inspection into Rotherham Council is to be published and where it can be accessed. Please reply via email. Thankyou”
(Perhaps others could email too)

Rotherham Politics

Plan to take out injunctions against suspected Rotherham child abusers

Rotherham Council is to explore whether injunctions can be taken out against suspected child abusers to stop them contacting their victims.

The idea – designed to be used against suspected offenders who there is not enough criminal proof against to secure convictions – is being looked at following similar measures being used by Birmingham Council.

More on Bashir, kindly supplied by Regular Reader:

Farage attempt to discredit defector backfires on party

The Times revealed last May that several employees at Zouk Tea Bar & Grill had been arrested over suspected immigration offences. Mr Bashir then registered his resignation as a director at Companies House, but backdated the record of resignation to a month before the incident.

Ukip claims that it was only later that it came to believe Mr Bashir had “told fibs”. However, the party has…

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