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Delayed Reports – Chilcot, Ofsted, Casey et al – Dereliction of Duty but by whom ?

There has and continues to be massive failures reportedly “on an industrial scale”  in government, national and local, which amounts to gross dereliction of duty. This has been shown in various areas of services including Defence, NHS and the Police. … Continue reading


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Ofsted Director Forced to Apologise for Failings in Rotherham

From The Star : “An Ofsted director has been forced to say sorry to Rotherham child sexual exploitation victims for the service’s failings. Debbie Jones, Ofsted director with responsibility for inspecting children’s services, only made the apology after being repeatedly … Continue reading

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Commons Select Committee questions Ofsted on child exploitation in Rotherham

The Committee takes further evidence in its inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham on Tuesday 20 January at 4.15pm.

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Vote first, ask questions later – UKIP MEPs by Richard Corbett

Somehow found myself reading the blog of Richard Corbett, the Labour Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber, today. Glad that I did however, as the following is well worth knowing, especially for anyone planning to vote UKIP in … Continue reading

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Open, Honest and Available for Scrutiny – who of our elected representatives are ?

As promised, below the current list of elected (and aspiring to be elected) representatives in Rotherham who have, for whatever reason, blocked me from Twitter. What puzzles me about this is that these representatives have had conversations with me on … Continue reading

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Treachery in the Rotherham Labour Party; why ordinary Labour members must Support Sarah

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:
Somewhere out there I believe that there are thousands of Labour Party supporters who are principled and committed to a left of centre party that works to build a caring and prosperous Rotherham. It is…

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Whose money are you using this time, our Kevin ?

 Kevin Barron, Sarah Champion and John Healey are suing UKIP MEP Jane Collins for libel and slander after she made comments about the extent of their knowledge of Rotherham’s child sexual exploitation. From The Star : “A statement on behalf of … Continue reading

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“This Attack Was Nothing To Do With Free Speech — It Was About War” Asghar Bukhari

Article by Asghar Bukhar,  a founding member of  and spokesperson for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK. Asghar believes that it is his duty as a Muslim to engage in the community and be politically active, and has run into … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Attack – Nous Sommes Charlie

No one who claims to be a writer, blogger or an active member of the human race could fail to make even the smallest comment today, as France is mourning the 12 people killed when Charlie Hebdo was targeted by … Continue reading

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Kevin Barron on “Cold Homes”

From our MP’s website : “New figures show that the number of families that can’t afford to heat their home this winter has hit a record high of one million. That’s about one in six families. The average family’s electricity … Continue reading

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