Open, Honest and Available for Scrutiny – who of our elected representatives are ?

Can’t wait for the names of the councillors reported re child abuse – one serving, one former. I predict : initials MH and JA


As promised, below the current list of elected (and aspiring to be elected) representatives in Rotherham who have, for whatever reason, blocked me from Twitter.

What puzzles me about this is that these representatives have had conversations with me on this medium in the past, then suddenly thought blocking me was a better idea.  As I have pointed out on another post, Rik at Rotherham Politics  @rothpolitics  has suggested that the reasons for this is because I am “gratuitously irritating”. This may be so and may be the reason, though I have other more likely reasons in mind.

I have therefore provided the details and Twitter addresses for those who find maltbyblogger too irritating to have read their posts in the hope that someone else out there in Twitterland may come up with a different reason also.

Amy Rushforth  – Maltby Town Councillor, RMBC Councillor   @RushforthA

 Emma Hoddinott – Deputy Leader…

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