National Crime Agency’s Statement re Rotherham Council – 4th Feb 2015

Matters which are “allegations of potential criminal behaviour” would surely, by definition constitute “misconduct”. If this is so, has the Deputy Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police had such misconduct referred to him and is he in liaison with the IPCC regarding this ?

NCA to investigate matters arising from Rotherham Council inspection

4 February 2015

Operation Stovewood, the National Crime Agency’s independent investigation examining criminal allegations of non-familial child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, is to examine a number of potentially criminal matters identified during a recent inspection of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Communities and Local Government Minister Eric Pickles today informed Parliament of the outcome of an inspection conducted by a team led by Louise Casey. A number of matters have been referred to Operation Stovewood as they potentially fall within its terms of reference.

It would not be appropriate to comment in detail about the matters referred until investigators have an opportunity to analyse the information, which they will do as part of phase one of the investigation.

The NCA can confirm that the matters referred are allegations of potential criminal behaviour. Operation Stovewood is not investigating any misconduct matters.

Matters of potential misconduct will be referred to the appropriate body. For policing, potential misconduct matters will be reported to the Deputy Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, who will determine arrangements for investigation in liaison with the IPCC where appropriate.

Interviews are not being provided during phase one of Operation Stovewood.”

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