The Day After the Storm – MTC meeting tonight, Thursday 5th Feb 2015

From the town clerk 1pm : As yet no MTC councillors have spoken to the clerk regarding the events yesterday following the release of the Louise Casey Report. 

The planned meeting will be held tonight (see below) and the situation may or may not be discussed there. 

No doubt the councillors in question may or may not be there also.

Have sent a question asking if a statement is to be made by MTC or individual councillors but it’s not likely to be read out or considered.  (Item 12 should prove particularly interesting)

“There will be a public session prior to the meeting and this will commence at 6.30pm. (Members of the public will adhere to the rules set by the Council for this session of up to 30 minutes at the Chairman’s discretion).

1. To receive apologies

2.To approve the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 8 January 2015 (attached)

3. To approve the minutes of the Extra-Ordinary meeting held on 22nd January 2015 (attached)

4. To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary interesti

5. To consider items for which a resolution may be passed to exclude the press and public

6. To receive the minutes of the Finance & Staffing Committee held on 20, 27 November and 11 December2014 (attached)

7. To receive the minutes of the General Purpose Committee held on 20 November and 11 December 2014 (attached)

8. To receive the minutes of the Horticultural Show working party held on 25 November 2014 (attached)

9. To receive information on the following on-going issues and decide further action where necessary

9.1 Maltby Cemetery     9.2 Feasibility study    9.3 Land on Walters Road     9.4 Petition for 30mph speed limit through Maltby       9.5 Meeting with Hatfield Town Councillors

10. To discuss communications received by the Chairman

11. To receive a report from the Police Community Support Officers

12. To consider a request from Wentworth Valley Area Assembly to hold a CSE awareness session in partnership with YWCA. Prior to the next Full Town Council meeting on 12th March 2015

13. Matters Requested by Councillors: 13.1 To consider offering a Christmas dinner for the elderly – Cllr Kirk     13.2 Bowling Greens – Cllr Biggin      13.3 Integrated Youth Support Service – Cllr Biggin      13.4 Council Surgery, Edward Dunn Memorial Hall – Cllr Biggin      13.5 To consider a free let to raise funds for an assistance dog – Cllr Dickinson      13.6 Complaints from residents at Town Council Surgery – Cllr Dickinson

14. To receive information from RMBC regarding the Town Council elections

15. To consider RMBC matters: 15.1 Planning Lists Nos: 2-4

16. To consider DMBC matters:

17. To consider items from the Yorkshire Local Councils Association and decide further action where necessary: 17.1 Electronic Communication to send the summons for Council meetings (attached)

18. To consider grant applications 18.1 Maltby Main FC

 19. To discuss routine correspondence 19.1 Maltby Miners Memorial Community Group     19.2 Maltby Wood Lee Common and Crags Meadow Steering Group     19.3 Maltby Miners Memorial Community Group

 20. To consider a request for a free let from Jacqueline Barnes (attached)

21. To consider a request for two free lets from Fay Drabble, RMBC dog warden

22. To receive an update from the Town Clerk (information only)

23. To notify the Town Clerk of matters for inclusion on a future agenda

24. To confirm the date of the next meeting as the 12 March 2015 at 6.30pm at the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall “

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