Kevin Barron on Govt’s anti-corruption plan

Also delighted that our MP is “delighted” to see the plan, approves the amendments and supports the implementing of the policy.

… … just off to check what the amendments actually are … …

Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, Labour)

I am delighted to see that action 20 of the Government’s anti-corruption plan states:

House of Commons to approve the proposed amendments to the Guide to the Rules relating to the conduct of Members”,

with a deadline of March 2015. The Committee on Standards is very happy to support the Leader of the House in implementing that Government policy. When will the debate take place?

William Hague (First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons; Richmond (Yorks), Conservative)

I am very grateful for the right hon. Gentleman’s support. I absolutely hope that the debate will take place. He and I have discussed it a number of times. There are a number of outstanding Committee reports to address in the remaining weeks of this Parliament. My hon. Friend Jacob Rees-Mogg talked about a European Scrutiny Committee report, there are important reports from theProcedure Committee and there is this important report from the Standards Committee. I will do my best to accommodate these things in the coming weeks, with the right hon. Gentleman’s support.

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