Acting as a ‘conduit’ ????

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I hadn’t had a reply from Maggie Godfrey since I asked her on 15th January why she thought it not important for a prospective RMBC Labour Cllr for Maltby to attend Maltby Town Council meetings.
So I wrote again on
Tue, 14 Feb 2012
Dear Maggie Godfrey,

I am forwarding to you my letter of 15th January in case you did not receive it, as I have not had a reply from you.
I understand however, that you were present at a meeting of Maltby Town Council this month. As this is the first and only meeting of MTC that you have attended, could you
please tell me if you have gained any insight into the community of Maltby and it’s residents and which issues if any, you would address if you were elected. What is your vision for Maltby and how would you go about fulfilling it ?

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