Followed by my MP on Twitter – Good news or not ? #Freedomofspeech ?

On the morning that it is reported that MPs say that certain social media users should be banned from sites such as Twitter and Facebook, I find that I am now followed on Twitter by my MP, the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP (sic) no less.

The All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-Semitism wants prosecutors to examine if prevention orders like those used to restrict sex offenders’ internet access could be used for those who spread racial hatred. On the face of it, I can agree with this whole-heartedly and am not suggesting for one moment that racism/sexism/peadophilia/homophobia/bullying – add to the list as you see fit –  should be condoned or encouraged online or anywhere else.

So what is my point and what is the connection with this and my MP pressing the “Follow” button on Twitter ?

Simply that as readers here well know, I have tried to communicate with Kevin Barron on numerous occasions about local issues, his opinions, his actions and most recently his inaction and apparent head in the sand attitude to the Rotherham abuse situation and the Jay and Casey reports.  Email and Twitter have been invaluable methods of asking questions which have not been openly answered elsewhere.

The only replies that I have ever received from Kevin Barron are to questions about events and circumstances in other countries (Palestine and West Africa to be precise) My regular questions to his Twitter account have never been responded to. He is the MP for Rother Valley yet fails to responds to questions by his constituents about their own area.

Shouldn’t I be pleased then that Kevin has now deemed me fit to follow on Twitter ? Should I be perhaps honoured (not physically, as he is ) that my MP appears to now think I have something to say worth reading all be it in 162 characters or less ?

Well I am not. (Are you with me yet?)

There can only be one reason that Kevin Barron has followed me on Twitter, which has already been noted by fellow Tweeters as well as me.

Somewhere amongst the banter, the jibes, the political point scoring and the general instant “news” that social media provides, is something that Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP is not too happy about. That he deems my Tweets worthy of reading, while his fellow Rotherham MP  Sarah Champion and other members of the Labour party have me blocked, to me speaks volumes.

I have never to my knowledge posted anything on social media that is racist/antisemitic/homophobic etc etc etc  Neither am I suggesting that maltbyblogger has posts of national or international importance. I do however say what I think and what I believe to be right. The link here is that The Establishment, including our MPs, have the power to curtail Freedom of Speech under whatever guise they choose.

And the natural next step in this “Big Brother” world 0f 2015 that we are in, is that we will be silenced by those who do not want the truth to be known, in whatever circumstances.

Be aware … but Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging.

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