Maltby Town Council – general update from public’s view

Whilst scrutinising the Maltby Town Council website for news of long overdue resignations  and statements to the public, realised there are a number of new updates that have not yet found their way there.    I appreciate that there is now a new Town Clerk, Kate Butler, who has been in post since January replacing Ann Stewart. Kate was the Assistant Clerk  prior to this.  Phil Parkin is the Finance Administrator – I have no information on who he is or when he began working at MTC. Grateful for any info from readers.

The Ward page lists the following :

North Ward

Christine Beaumont Labour Party
Jon Carratt Labour Party
Sharon Biggin Independent
Keith Stringer Labour Party

South Ward
Richard Price Labour Party
Amy Rushforth Labour Party
Mick Richardson

East Ward
Lauren Astbury Labour Party
Joy Bradford Independent
Ann Dickinson Labour Party
Carol Stringer Labour Party

West Ward
Jenny Andrews Labour Party
Kathryn Astbury Labour Party
Steve Johnson Totally Independent
John Kirk Independent
Peter Scholey Labour Party

I believe Mick Richardson to be Independant. Steve Johnson being labelled as  “Totally Independant” perhaps  moves us away from thinking about the party (Labour) that he used to represent.  Likewise John Kirk and Sharon Biggin. Notice that Chair Carratt is still listed as “Labour” despite the rumours otherwise of his defection.

Only 16 councillors listed by wards here, so presumably the others to make up the 18 are Richard Fleming, Independant and Simon Ball – no party specified.

Shall continue to pursue statements/comments from Chris Beaumont, Maggie Godfrey and all others who knew or should have known what has been happening in Rotherham regarding the appalling abuse of children and their lack of action and responsibilities  as elected councillors .

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1 Response to Maltby Town Council – general update from public’s view

  1. Update from MTC Clerk – Thankyou
    I can confirm that I am presently working on this with our web designer and hope there will be a lot of changes in the next couple of weeks.
    I can confirm that Phil Parkin started at MTC in August 2012 as Financial Officer, In January Phil started his new job at MTC as Responsible Financial Officer, prior to this Phil worked for the Audit Commission for 25 years.
    I hope you appreciate that I am very busy so may not get to visit your blog often, if you do have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me direct via email or phone.
    Kind regards
    Kate Butler
    Town Clerk
    T: 01709 814060

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