Re Child Sex Exploitation – reply from Cllr C Beaumont

Never did get a further reply from Cllr Beaumont answering the questions asked. Hardly likely to happen now but it’s worth another try.


Better late than never and only half a reply but at least it’s something.

I have just found this email in my "Spam" box!
I was indeed one of the first set of councillors who attended the CSE
training before Christmas 2012.
Chris Beaumont

  My reply :
Thankyou for your email today confirming that you attended the training before Christmas 2012.
Could you please respond to the other questions that were asked
Who provided the training and under whose authority was it delivered ?
When will the next training event be, will you be attending and as above who will it be delivered by ?
How will the effectiveness of the training be evaluated and monitored ?
What have you as RMBC Councillor for Maltby done and put into practice as a result of this training ?
How will you as RMBC Councillor for Maltby ensure that…

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