Rotherham and the very real Ukip threat – Helen Pidd

In the wake of the child grooming scandal, Rotherham is one of Ukip’s top target seats for May’s general election. But a poll suggests neighbouring Rother Valley, held by Sir Kevin Barron for 32 years, is within the grasp of Nigel Farage’s party. Barron should be worried, says the Guardian’s northern editor, Helen Pidd

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6 Responses to Rotherham and the very real Ukip threat – Helen Pidd

  1. Durotrigan says:

    It’s telling to see that Helen Pidd views UKIP’s prospective performance in Rother Valley as a “threat” rather than a challenge. Her language does seem to be a touch on the loaded side. UKIP’s rise will inject a little uncertainty and interest into the forthcoming General Election.

    • I agree. Her language does seem to be rather immature too – “The battle for Rotherham’s three seats is not going to be pretty” , “the gloves are very much off”, “Her colleagues arguably face an even bloodier battle “. She is anticipating violence at the ballot box it seems !
      But regardless of this, I have to admire anyone who gets even a few lines of thoughts from Sir Kev over the telephone . or from anywhere else. Then again, I don’t think Pidd is a constituent of his, so that is no doubt the reason she was successful.

  2. A regular reader says:

    Helen Pidd was born in Morecambe, and has lived in Manchester since 2013.

    Her interview with Sarah Champion was very readable ( ) , but this one was seriously under-researched.
    Whilst I accept Lord Ascroft’s voting stats., I also see what the bookies say, and Kevin is massively odds on (at 1/7) to keep the seat.
    Whilst she rightly notes that UKIP’s Alan Cowles figures for immigration to Rother Valley (14%) were pure fantasy; she only confuses it all; by giving the 2011 census figures for those born outside UK. This is not a measure of the size of the non-White British Community, and even then I can’t reconcile her figures with those of the 2011 Census.

    Many of us would like to see the back of Kevin, and last time round I voted for Linda Donaldson the Tory, but this year – ouch!
    I just can’t imagine Alan Cowles being taken seriously anywhere. (and why does he need four houses )
    … and here is our new Tory candidate :
    GARETH STREETER (Conservative) , son of Gary Streeter MP. Educated at London School of Theology. Charity communications director. ” ( )
    Gareth’s new twitter account:
    Gareth’s old twitter account:
    Gareth’s dad’s one claim to fame/divine intervention: “I (Gary Streeter) received divine healing myself at a church meeting in 1983 on my right hand, which was in pain for many years. After prayer at that meeting, my hand was immediately free from pain and has been ever since. ”

    I feel utterly and totally disenfranchised.


  3. I empathise rr and don’t even have the faith in “divine” intervention or any other that the coming elections will produce truly democratic, honest, fair and efficient “leaders” for our town and country.

    I am tired of being told by some that to spoil the ballot paper is a waste of a vote and in Rotherham especially, a vote for Labour – though perhaps this is gradually changing in the light of recent events. As you have pointed out the candidates do not have much going for them here, never mind the appalling attitudes and policies of the national leaders.
    The “argument” that if you don’t vote you can’t have an opinion either has worn well thin and how anyone can vote for a party/candidate to prevent someone else being elected is also beyond me.
    There’s always still the comment that if you can’t find a suitable candidate to vote for then you should stand yourself. It doesn’t take an average intellect many moments to come to the conclusion that this is just plain impractical and quite stupid.
    So, looks like my paper will be spoiled again. Maybe we could save a bit of money on counters, paper, people’s time etc by those who intend spoiling their paper to email this information to some central collective beforehand.

    NB : I understand that in some authorities the spoiled papers are shown to and discussed by the candidates, who try to work out who this could almost have been a vote for. Anyone know if this happens here ? If it does, I shall make a point of writing a more descriptive reason for my lack of an X in a box.

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