Shameless Labour in South Anston

south anston

They’re out and about in South Anston too “on the Labour doorstep” as they put it.

Can only repeat – Shameless, disgraceful attitudes and behaviour.

The people of Rotherham are obviously being treated with utter contempt by these “representatives” who imagine their minimal response or rather lack of response to the Casey and Jay reports is enough to keep us quiet till some more time passes and we forget about it.

Rotherham will not forget and neither will we forgive until serious actions are taken to remove those who are clinging on to their positions when they are clearly morally and ethically vacant.

Continue to speak out and share. Justice has to be eventually done.

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2 Responses to Shameless Labour in South Anston

  1. chris1943 says:

    They were as hard faced as hell. What a sample! Is Kev still saying he knows nowt about it?

    • Kev’s not saying anything at all as far as I can make out ! He’s put that so called “response” to the reports on his website which basically puts blame on anyone else but him. Nowt new there then !

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