Clearly the Labour Party in Rotherham is still ‘Not Fit For Purpose’! Two

Incredible. Seems Rotherham is almost lost to corruption. Rotherham Labour Party is beyond belief. We must share the truth about them to anyone who is still unaware. Time really is running out.

Rotherham Politics

Just received this first report that goes to the heart of the issue, denial!

“I had a short but interesting conversation with an ex Labour Councillor.

According to him, the initiation of the Jay report from within RMBC was politically motivated by the then Chief Executive Martin Kimber.

He went on to say that Rotherham Labour were carrying out a holding action until after the general Election and he along with others were hopeful that the appointment of Commissioners would be reversed should Labour be elected into Government as (and I quote) “the appointment of Commissioners to run Rotherham Council was a typical shabby political trick by the Tories to undermine the Labour party”.

Still in denial or is it something we should be worried about if Labour get into power after the GE?”

and this report on the selection in Valley Ward, left as a comment, too good to…

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