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Not sure I have an answer on this but I have a view, which is this : many people in Rotherham (and other similar towns) do not follow the goings on of the local councils and politicians as much as some of us do. They have a trust of those in authority, and those elected that they have been ‘brought’ up with, which is after all the basis of a civilised democratic society. We are told that our ‘leaders’ have our best interests at heart and are working for the good of the community. There is no reason to believe otherwise. Until something goes wrong.
Then some of us believe that those responsible for whatever ‘s gone wrong can work together to put it right. But when that doesn’t happen we either complain and try to hold the ‘leaders’ to account, or feel that it’s not worth the bother and do nothing , whilst complaining amongst ourselves about those in power. When elections are held these people don’t bother voting and the ‘leaders’ in control convince themselves that it’s because they are doing a great job.
There are others who not only complain about things that are not right but try to do something about it themselves. As I have written about many times before, we all know that the few are no match for the many, especially when the powerful are becoming more powerful by closing ranks and recruiting new followers with the promise of glory.
Those who the powerful feel at all threatened by are silenced in a variety of ways – often to the detriment of their health and that of their family. It’s basic Animal Farm stuff.
And the solution must be down to each individual, their conscience and their strength of character and mind.
Personally, I have to console my rage and sense of injustice at the situation in Rotherham and in Maltby by writing about it and asking the many questions that never get answered. It’s all I can now do, but I hope to keep folks informed and perhaps the upcoming generation of voters and politicians will have the courage and strength to be true to the basics of community and democracy.

Rotherham Politics

Star Opinion 5th February 2015, you may have missed.

These hard hitting words, sum up the heinous nature of these criminals. One person dead and at least 1400 victims. Time to absorb the seriousness of this depravity and act:

ROTHERHAM CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL – EDITOR’S OPINION: A little girl was raped with a broken bottle, and yet former Council Leader and Police and Crime Commissioner refused to answer questions in interview

CHILDREN were sexually exploited in Rotherham by Pakistani men, en masse.

That is an undisputed fact: concrete evidence bears this out, and yet when the latest Government official to look under Rotherham Council’s rock did so, she found not an authority determined to right some heinous wrongs, but a hunkered down posse of belligerent bullies who were adamant that both Professor Alexis Jay and now Louise Casey were incompetent fantasists who’d made a mountain out of a molehill.

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