For Sunday reading – An Interesting Blast from the Past

Surprised the documents were not one of the 21 “lost” laptops . They must think we are stupid . Contemptible behaviour.

Rotherham Politics

I found this interesting blast from the past.

According to page 6, Children and Young People’ Scrutiny Panel (Chair Ann Russell, Vice Chair Colin Barron) under the ‘Staying Safe’ theme.

“The Panel has looked at a wide range of issues including addressing sexual exploitation and the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements. The recommendations from the scrutiny review on the impact of domestic violence on children and young people have been implemented, leading to service improvements”.

Even in 2006 the Labour party were deluding themselves that all was well. Clearly the scrutiny panels were failing to carry out proper scrutiny of the committees they were supposed to be scrutinising and all should be named and shamed.

The make up of the Scrutiny Panel on page 27 is interesting and shows that the vice chair was Cllr Burton who still constantly claims she knows nothing of CSE even though the Scrutiny Panel…

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