Labour Party in Maltby on the Campaign Trail

Had an unnerving experience yesterday when I heard something being pushed through my letter box. Expecting a couple of things through the post, I was however not expecting this


A double sided calendar  informing me of who are the Maltby Labour team and how to contact them and with useful photos, in case I hadn’t seen them around in a while and had forgotten who they were.  Our Kevin looking out beatifically  from the top of the leaflet.  The  well sighted reader will notice that there are 2 Saturdays in each month highlighted, which I assume are “Advice Surgery” dates at Rother Valley Constituency Office, Dinnington.   (No surgeries in August)

Accompanying the calendar was this


Labour Today :  Double page spread with more pictures of Kevin and a few articles slagging off the Tories and UKIP and Kevin/Labour promoting his backing of local industries and some praise that he gave to Aston Academy for links with Tanzania,  in the HoC.

The most useful part of this for me is the “I want to know about your priorities for our area” form as it an email address which I am seeing for the first time –

Shall be filling the form in, scanning and emailing it. (Surely our MP does not expect folk to cut this out and post it)

Looking out for next political party’s promotional materials arriving.

Let me know if you get any.

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2 Responses to Labour Party in Maltby on the Campaign Trail

  1. A regular reader says:

    Did it arrive in the mail?
    Why haven’t I got one? It’s not fair!
    and yes that gmail account has not been published before.
    I’ve received absolutely no election publicity yet.
    I thought you might like this:

  2. Think it might have been hand delivered, rr. There’s a Labour Party faithful living on next street to me, so could have been him.
    Not sure if this is their election publicity or not – there’s no mention of elections on it !

    Thanks for the TFTTH piece. So good to see our Kev is a true socialist after all 😉
    I am interested in the surveys that MP’s appear to be filling in for considerable sums of money. Sounds a great source of income.

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