The Day Sir Nutkin Met Mr Lewis

Well done Mr Lewis. An admirable and successful attempt at showing the true character of our MP and his minions. Hearty congratulations to the dog !

Rotherham Politics

Once again desperately on the campaign trail with two not fit for purpose councillors, Sir Nutkin made the mistake of venturing into the lair of Mr Lewis.

The shy retiring Mr Lewis, the finest heckler in the land, always with an eye on how he can get under the skin of Sir Nutkin; found himself gifted with his finest hour.

On a some what slow afternoon Mr Lewis was idly gazing through his front window; when what should he see but the trio of Mummy Dalton, Shouter Beck sycophantically hanging lose with good old Sir Nutkin. At first he thought it was a mirage or something he had eaten because he never seen Sir Nutkin on the stump before.

MMM thought Mr Lewis I feel a chance too good to be missed coming on. He exited through his front door and with a smile and a hearty hello Nutkin how…

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