Badger – Observations at Bailey House

They’re all in it together. Always will be. Sickening.

Rotherham Politics

Today I had reason to visit Bailey House. As I was approaching the building I saw Reg Littleboy in the car park who was waiting for someone to get out of a car. The person getting out of the car was none other than Saint Sarah who Reg embraced and hugged with smiles all round.

They managed to get to the door of Bailey House just before me and whilst they were invited in to take a seat in the foyer, I was left to wait outside (obviously I’m not important enough to be allowed in so it seems there’s one set of standards for the Labour heroes and another set of standards for us non descripts).

As I waited to be let in and I could see they were clearly enjoying each others company, it occurred to me that if Saint Sarah is apparently so disliked by many of…

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