The Day Sir Nutkin Came to Town

Well done again Dave and Mr Lewis. You are both doing a great job at irritating our Kev. Keep it up !

Rotherham Politics

It was a chilly Saturday morning in Dinnington, my self and Mr Lewis had decided to go shopping. As we were about to avail ourselves of a Tesco trolley we saw the not fit for purpose deputy leader of RMBC; he told us he had come to get his wife some flowers. He went into the shop one way and came out another minus his wife’s flowers; Mr Lewis said he must be one of those secret shoppers.
Leaving the supermarket behind we thought we would have a stroll along the high street. Much to our surprise we came upon Sir Nutkin and his not fit for purpose entourage; and would you believe it the secret shopper was there. The ever amiable Mr Lewis gave a hearty hello Sir Nutkin what have you done with our half a million pounds. As I am sure you are aware Sir Nutkin is…

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