Maltby Wards before Uncontested Elections – April 2015

Now that we have the results of the uncontested elections to Maltby Town Council, thought readers might like to play the game of “Substitute Your Councillors”

Further comment to follow :
North Ward
Christine Beaumont Labour Party
Jon Carratt UKIP
Sharon Biggin Independent
Keith Stringer Labour Party
Richard Fleming UKIP

South Ward
Richard Price Labour Party
Amy Rushforth Labour Party
Mick Richardson

East Ward
Lauren Astbury Labour Party
Joy Bradford Independent
Ann Dickinson Labour Party
Carol Stringer Labour Party
Simon Ball

West Ward
Jenny Andrews Labour Party
Kathryn Astbury Labour Party
Steve Johnson Totally Independent
John Kirk Independent
Peter Scholey Labour Party

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3 Responses to Maltby Wards before Uncontested Elections – April 2015

  1. R. Wilde says:

    an we clairify please, is Sharon Biggin Labour or Independent? I thought she was indie but the council notification says Labour?

  2. R. Wilde says:

    *Should read “Can we clarify please”

    • Sharon Biggin is named as Sharon Maxwell on the Register of Members Interests signed by her on 24th July 2012. I would have thought that an updated form is well overdue to clarify the name that she now uses. As for the Labour or Independant issue, I’m looking into it.

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