Man in a T shirt

Well done again Mr Lewis and good luck with your campaigning Dave Smith

Rotherham Politics

It was a fine spring morning Mr Lewis had awoken feeling quite chipper. As he ate his three shredded wheat he thought I think I will have a stroll in the sunshine to Dinnington. As he walked along his thoughts turned to the election, he wondered what useless campaigning Sir Nutkin would be up to today.
Within a few minutes he was in the high street and he spied a group of people gathered; being the curious person that he is he decided to investigate. Much to his surprise and delight he saw it was Sir Nutkin; who had with him the garden gnome and an entourage of not fit for purpose clowns. Mr Lewis, not being one for shirking his duty, approached them.
Good morning Sir Nutkin, last time we met you did not have time to answer my questions, Sir Nutkin being a seasoned member of the animal…

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