NHS Finance Problem Being Ignored – Anything to add, Kevin Barron ?

According to this report, the true situation of the financial services in the NHS will become clear in the Autumn. 

A little too late for us, perhaps ?

Be careful who you vote for … …

The NHS is facing a “substantial financial problem” which politicians are ignoring in the election campaign, the former head of the service says.

Sir David Nicholson, who retired last year, told the BBC the NHS in England was accruing large deficits which would become “crystal clear” later this year.

But he said instead of talking about how to address these, politicians were focusing on expanding services.

He said the situation caused him “very great concern”.

In an interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir David – who ran the NHS in England for eight years – said that because there was an election period, the NHS was unable to publish the latest report on its financial position.

But he said it was “pretty clear in the NHS that there is a substantial financial problem, particularly in the hospital sector” which would become “crystal clear” in the autumn.


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