Kevin Barron – Summary of Expenses Claims 2014 – 2015 – some interesting figures

A few figures to entertain readers whilst trying to decide who to vote for on May 7th and marvelling at the PR “Expert” earning £850 a day from RMBC…

Good to see that our Kev claimed only £13,728.00 for rent this period, but look at that telephone bill ! £1324.72  seems rather a lot to me.

Wonder what those Professional Services were that cost £300.12 ?  And as for “Other” at£274.41 …   … Isn’t that rather like putting etc, etc which in fact tells us nothing at all ?

Accomodation £13,728.00
Office Costs £5,941.54
Travel £2,988.30
Total £22,657.84
Accommodation Rent £13,728.00
Total £13,728.00
Office Costs
Const Office cleaning £701.00
Const Office Electricity £216.00
Const Office Gas £402.05
Const Office Tel. Usage/Rental £1,324.72
Const Office Water £227.33
Furniture Purchase £180.00
Install/Maint Office Equip. £204.00
IT/Other Equipment Hire £104.91
Other £274.41
Professional Services £399.12
Security £150.00
Stationery Purchase £1,398.00
Website – Hosting £360.00
Total £5,941.54
Congestion Zone/Toll £89.00
Own Vehicle Car £2,797.20
Parking £11.00
Public Tr RAIL – RTN £91.10
Total £2,988.30
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