Appointment of Commissioners – A citizen inquires?

Well done Rob Foulds.
Somehow this is no surprise at all.

Rotherham Politics

Had this from Rob Foulds and thought readers would be interested too.:

“I’ve been digging away recently regarding the appointment of our esteemed Commissars and it’s been confirmed to me that the posts were not advertised and these people were “nominated in exercise of the Secretary of State’s powers …”

And as regards securing ‘best value’ from the people who were nominated by the Secretary of State, er, well, they are accountable to the Secretary of State and their nomination can be withdrawn. So that’s all very satisfactory then.

Below is the link that was supplied by HMG that purports to explain the nominations and if readers can spot any critical appraisal of the nominees, please let us know.

The story started with Rob’s email, contents self explanatory:

Date: 18 February 2015 at 10:58

Subject: Rotherham MBC


Dear Mr Rowsell

As a long term critic…

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